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Corrective Rape – South Africa:

 “Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.”  -Oscar Wilde
Murder. Rape. Assault. Violence. Sexism. Racism. Homophobia.  
 Which of these elicits the most powerful emotional response? Perhaps a culmination of two or three. These are agreeably a few of the most disgusting aspects of existence. The notion that one man, or woman (in this case) might be subjugated to such torture due to their perhaps individual stance, or not even for any particular reason at all.
The horrifying trait evident in South Africa of which I speak is named Corrective Rape. The name in itself evokes an introspective convulsion, a sheer feeling disgust and moral disagreement. What is corrected, through of raping a fellow human being? What form of twisted morality do these rapists conceal themselves behind? What delusional paranoia compels a human to rape another, for the victims benefit?
 Rape is particularly evident in South Africa. Since the end of apartheid, sexual violence is rapidly increasing, approximately 500, 000 rapes occur in the nation annually. A quarter (25%) of all women present within the nation are raped by the age of 16. Corrective rape is particularly malicious practice and has gained social normality due to a violently conservative morality evident within the society. Corrective rape is a practice, where lesbian women are targeted due to their sexuality. The rape is used as a lesson to the women to convert to heterosexuality. Obviously this is totally illogical and must be considered as a mere hate crime. In particular the increase in this specialised criminal activity is aided by a macho misogynist attitude toward women. Perhaps the philosophy regarding homosexuality and in particular lesbianism is thought of in a gender specific terms. Women being lesser to that of man (according to the misogynist stance evident in the society) must openly seek the affection of males, so as to level their place in society. Women that seek the affection of other females are inherently disgusting as the union of two women is one where two lesser beings join to become lesser within themselves. This stance is a disgusting violation of the equality and love preached (for the most part) across the Western world. This is a national trend, and the particular stance taken on this type of violence is atrocious. The legal batter for rape victims, is, in effect up hill. Courts are postponed for this kind of crime, due to a “loss,” of evidence. The prejudice evident within this type of legal system is rather ironic considering the international image of the rainbow nation of South Africa. The image that they are attempting to portray so as to evoke tourism, and the hosting of international sporting events. 
One case study in particular was widely publicised due to her national standing as a South African Footballer. Eudy Simelane, an open lesbian and LGBTI rights activist was raped, before being murdered in her home-town of KwaThema, Springs, Gauteng. She was gang raped, beaten before subsequently being stabbed twenty five times, in the face, chest and legs. If this were not course enough for emotional anguish, the mere reason behind her rape, was indeed, her sexuality. For further information on Eudy Simelane and Corrective Rape, see:

In the Western world there is this often-misguided notion that once a person dies, they instantly are in an ethereal plain, devoid of pain. Heaven, for lack of a better term. Now as not one being knows the exact experience after death§ , I shan’t postulate this further. However using this assumption, that a being does not experience pain after death, this makes rape a more notorious notion. As not only does the victim experience the pain of the rape, the subsequent trauma experienced is life-long. In essence the rapist is murdering the woman/man’s psyche in one act. Murder in the sense that, it changes the individual in a manner so detrimental that it eliminates an aspect of personally formed sexuality. This is the other reason in which it is an act considered to be intrinsically wrong. It exposes the individual, it strips an individual and projects their mind into a spiralling cycle of pain. Imagine, a lifetime of constant fear, trauma, and superficial joy. Strange considering rape, correlate closely to the notion of power, as though one feels so insignificant so as to feel the need to assert dominance over another being. Then I would ask of the Corrective Rapists, where this intention of Correction was derived. Perhaps the rape is an attempt to isolate the victim, so as to deny any future possibility of intimacy and relationships.

Whether these be, simple men (I understand exclusively male implications) recruited by some higher power of social moralist, or a religious fanatic it is still in every sense of the word hateful. What right does man have to degrade their fellow human, to destroy the capacity to live a life not plagued with fear and guilt. The power of society dwells within social acceptance and indeed the widespread form of subjective morality evident within the individual. This is the benefit of living in a nation with diverse cultural aspects and belief systems. Thus I must stress the importance of taking a stand for equality. To destroy the notion of objectification evident within societies across the globe, where women (and some men) are viewed as objects through which to achieve sexual, socially based or personal satisfaction (more on this topic at a later date). However as educated, citizens of a primarily well off, household I would ask you all to take action. Now I do not ask for torches and pitchforks regarding the international ignorance of such atrocities. But I call for a personal level introspection, to ask the question: What can I do to stamp out inequality in mine own social groups? It might be as simple as defending a person when they are being attacked regarding their morality, race or sexuality. It might merely be, changing one’s own mannerisms so as to not autonomously attack that which is different, but to weigh up the argument logically, before deciding what is intrinsically wrong. One thing can be said, before those evident in our society decide it is imperative to fix the issues of other nations, one must alter the issues within their own. I bring this case of a violation of human rights so as to raise awareness, perhaps place into perspective the issues evident in our own nation. However, in order to help others, we must take moment of introspection so as to not overlook the problems rooted within the very heart of ones own society. Carpe Diem.


§ Those that use the notion of NDE’s or near death experiences are mistaken, as humanity does not require the presence of death to experience such a phenomenon. The human is a marvel of evolution, and through apt electrical stimulation a person may experience the exact same traits of an NDE (minus the death aspect). For further information please see: 


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