Religion is Child Abuse

Mention religion to most people and you conjure and images of the blessed believers quietly meditating or praying to their chosen deity. Many do not revert to a more logical stance, realising that the act of baptising a child (an image this word may conjure) directly controverts one of the fundamental human rights. How many would cast their minds to an image of a child being torn from their parent’s arms, why? – To become a true Tibetan Buddhist monk. Many postulate that it is the parents “God,” given right to raise their offspring in a manner, which suits their faith. However not one of these parents has cast a thought to the intrinsic rights of the child, the right to the freedom of religion. These atrocities are committed daily, children torn from their parents, children exiled from home and family, due to the families belief of what is evil. The most terrifying aspect of these tragedies, is that millions of people (Governments included) are willing to sit and this happen. This is due to the warped perception that religion lacks the capacity to harm a human being, but this is where these people are wholly, undeniably, categorically, wrong. Not only is religion harming the youth of the world, it is abusing them, in the worst manner imaginable, a destruction of freedom. Unalterably changing their lives whether that is their desire or not.

Countless examples of the abuse of religion on a child’s mind and body are evident across the globe, in almost every faith imaginable. Catholicism has received cacophonous amounts of publicity for clergymen sexually abusing young boys (7-14), but does this change society’s perception? –No, people merely postulate that it is the result of the lack of intimacy, as this is not permitted. These are the first in a long line of repeated tragedies that occur in different faiths across the globe – What about the warping of an innocent child’s mind. Exposing them to the ideology that if they do not meet the specific laws set by God, then they will indeed suffer a form of eternal punishment. Ironic really, considering, especially within the contexts of the Judeo-Christian faith, God desired to keep Adam and Eve free from the burden of the notions of good and evil. Thus the specific ban on the forbidden fruit. The entire concept of Hell, eternal punishment, Naraka (Buddhist and Hindu from of Hell), Tartarus (Ancient Greek mythology), Aralu (Sumerian mythology), Kalichi (Indian mythology), Mictlan (Aztec Mythology) and Sheol (Ancient Jewish mythology) all terrify a child and direct upon the path of being a good, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism etc. In addition Judaism also seem to believe in the divine right to the mutilation of infant male genitals, even before the boy himself has the mental capacity to realise the implications of what this “choice,” may involve. In particular Tibet’s law has become interlinked with Buddhist doctrine forcing the nations youth on a one way street down Buddhist morality, without the realisation (by the youth at least) that this ever occurred. Islam has also interjected with numerous nations law systems, which has incontrovertible detrimental impact upon the children of that nation. Males are raised to feel a sense of superiority to their female counterparts whilst concurrently females are brought up to feel as though they are dirt on the boot of society, in comparison to males. All manner of faiths appear to be hell bent on selectively schooling and indoctrinating the youth into their form of morality from a young age, priming the mind to develop this same sense of morality in later years. This underhanded technique dramatically increases the likelihood of these children to become embedded in the faith throughout the course of their adulthood. Organised religion do not seem to grasp the notion that the youth of the globe have the intrinsic right to chose their own faith, rather than be labelled by that of their parents religion. These belief systems constantly and outwardly encourage parents to raise their child in the manner and beliefs of that particular faith. Yet somehow with all the obvious and disgusting acts of abuse and negligence evident, organised religion is handed a get out of gaol free card, on a silver platter no less, why? – Due to the unethical amount of power it holds throughout the world. Is this the manner in which the globe lives, too terrified to speak of the horrors and tragedies that occur right in front of our very eyes? As a society, action must be taken against this blatant and down right evil injustices that infect the world. These ideologies must be ceased before further damage may be done to the world’s children.

Throughout the Western world, society is exposed to numerous forms of spirituality and faiths – The most common being Christianity, of which 63.9% of the Australian population identifying as Christian (according to the 2006 census). America, another Western civilisation appears to be 77% affiliated with the Christian faith (See: Scary notion behind this statistic as that even as this is being written, numerous sermons occur across the globe in different countries. How many thousands of children are being forced to believe in a faith that their parents chose? How many thousands are being force-fed lies and deceit regarding homosexuality? –Stating that it is vile and wicked. How many are considering suicide due to their sexuality? Abortion is murder, yet contraception is forbidden, and thousands of more being told that it is even worse to reject God. If this disgusting list of horrific event is not enough, throughout the world children are being scared straight by the image of eternal damnation, fire and brimstone and total utter rejection from the being said to love humanity unconditionally, God. All this suffering a mere result of a misdemeanour, a few ill gotten words, or them manner in which these people were created. Obviously there will be people that believe that this is a mere exaggeration of the truth. It tugs at the very fabric of the soul to realise that this is not an exaggeration, and these atrocities are occurring across the globe.

In American, which is perhaps one of the most religious nation in all of Western civilisation, there is a new trend emerging – Hell houses. These act as a substitute to the traditional haunted houses children enter for a cheap “scare,” as part of Halloween. These horrifying exhibits depict the manner through a person supposedly reaches the gates of Hell. There is also a depiction of Hell itself at the end of the tour, with actors from the previous depictions evident and suffering. Events include, abortion, gay-marriage, abandoning Christianity, and a young homosexual man on his deathbed suffering with AIDS, stating that he fears Hell, a demon then states his sexuality is why his fears will eventually realised.
The organisers of these abominations truly believe that it is in the best wishes of the child to be exposed to these Hell houses as many times as possible. There is no sympathy for these innocent minds and hearts that are led into these houses of deceit. These children burst into tears, screaming, absolutely terrified by that they are seeing, but as hell is eternal, they must endure the entirety of the tour. An organiser of one of these disgusting houses, when questioned regarding the psychological damage this may be inflicting upon the youth stated:
“I would rather for them to understand that Hell is a place that they absolutely do not want to go. I would rather reach them with that message at twelve than to not reach them with that message and have them live a life of sin and to never find the Lord Jesus Christ. And if they end up having nightmares, as a result of experiencing this, I think there’s a higher good that would ultimately be achieved and accomplished in their life than simply having nightmares.”

Funnily enough, I pray that people have the capacity to realise that this pastor is abusing and warping the minds of these poor children that are forced to watch these vulgar displays of deceitful twisted reality. For further information on Hell houses and the relationship to discrimination, particular of the GLBT community please see the site:

Many people may argue that people that produce these houses are in fact a minority. However this is simply not the case, religious fundamentalism is rather popular in America, and this woeful form of abuse is not uncommon. A particularly extreme example of this abuse making its way into our society is the notions and concepts of creationism. Currently 40% of America is under the delusion that the planet is 6000 years old. Truly this is the most depressing example of Christian fundamentalism, and socially acceptable brainwashing that leads to the destruction of any hope of a reasonable education amongst the youth of society.

Islamic law in almost the entirety of the eastern world is considered the norm, and the law in the west is depicted immoral and indicative of infidelity. Regardless of the notion that the west and the east are comparative to two different worlds, it does not take an expert specialist in human rights to see that there are numerous breaches in their conduct. In particular the ideologies and mistreatment held toward homosexuality, women and indeed religious minorities. To think, all these breaches stem from the interjection of Islamic morality into the various nations law systems. This desecration of human rights effects children with the most force as it warps the sense of morality in these children, giving them a myopic view on the world and denying them the right to be raised in a society where equality is the basis of all human interaction. It is disgusting to think that other humans are actually being instructed in the art of discrimination, the notion that women are inferior to men, and that Islam is the only true faith to save from eternal damnation.

In Saudi Arabia Islamic law is so horrendously oppressive that several human rights groups having been enraged by this open display of discrimination, openly discredit it. Islamic law has gone as far as to make a department for enforcing religious law morality – Better known as the religious police – It sounds like a strange morality based version of 1984 by George Orwell. This group enforces nonsensical law so that the morality of the nation may be saved. This constitutional discrimination evokes lower standards of the rights for women, no rights for homosexuals (execution the penalty) and only allowing Muslims to citizenship. Children being exposed to these kinds of twisted morals leads to a distorted view of reality. As human beings why do we allow this to occur? Why do we allow a fellow being to be discriminated against flogged and executed for mere sex they were born, or indeed their sexual orientation? It is a despicable display of the psyche of humanity and it must be changed.

The religious indoctrination of people occurs numerous times every day around the world. As we speak there could be people having their heads immersed under water, becoming a born again Christians, Buddhist men taking the first step in the journey toward religious sanctity, Jewish boys reading from the torah on their quest to become a man. Not to mention the countless number of infants that are being baptised by a priest while he reads from a Holy text. The Jewish infant who lies on a table unawares that he is about to have his genitals mutilated by a Rabbi who reads from the Torah as he makes the incision. Both these examples of religious child abuse, baptism robbing the child of a basic human right that is freedom to religion, and the rabbi is making an unalterable change to the child’s life as he circumcises the boy.

Children are the most precious beings in the world, at any given moment. The future depends on their perception of reality and the manner in which the world has treated them. Surely it is possible to rid the world of this religious abuse, to separate the Church and state, to make equality the manner through life can be lived to the fullest. A world where children are not forced to idly stand by and be told by fanatics that they will burn for all eternity due a sharp tongue, or the manner in which they were created – A world where discrimination due to a warped sense morality is dead, an existence where equality is the king of all creation.

Written by Sean Cunningham,
Edited by Braiden Dunn

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