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May 20, 2010 6 comments

Limitations – everyone has a degree of social, intellectual or physical impairment, some more severe than others. But does this give adequate justification for majority of the Western world to metaphorically lay down and die? What happened to passion, morality and motivation? And is society reinforcing these types of complacent attitudes upon its members? Perhaps it is because we are more aware of our own bodies, or even that we do not exist in the first place [more on this later]. Culture, peer pressure popularity are also key factors in this degradation of humanity. The problem with this issue is that whilst people acknowledge that it is indeed effecting society, they lack the motivation to attempt to do anything about.

Yes, it is human to become passionate about one aspect of existence only then to become bored or disillusioned with the idea. But is this actually a human characteristic? When three definitions of the term ‘human,’ state that it is merely:
-A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens.
-A person
-Having the form of a human.

Now last time I checked this had absolutely no relationship to complacency. Thus it can be considered the aforementioned statement to be not an exclusively or even human quality. This and many other underestimations of the power of humanity stem from this notion that people are intrinsically immoral, flawed or even evil. But this notion, really came the idea of worship -The elements, gods, goddess’ then eventually God, Yahweh or Allah. In worshiping these higher power eventually developed the notion that humanity is not divine. Now this is not to say that humanity is divine, however if society gave more credit to the capacities of our species then perhaps more would be achieved in this lifetime.

It always used to amaze myself the amount of work, struggle and tribulation past generations have experienced whilst still creating and furthering every aspect of existence. I always used to wonder the manner in which people would motivate themselves for twelve-hour days on the farm, before coming home to the wife to procreate for the good of ‘God.’ Looking at it from the perspective of a woman, having to raise, and at point school the entirety of children in the household, whilst keeping the province clean, providing majority of meals. For the feminist’s reading this, know that I more than support your cause, however I cannot change the course of history, perhaps more aptly named ‘her-story.’ Moving back to the matter at hand, I was enlightened to an idea by my lovely partner, who theorised that the reason we perhaps are more ‘soft,’ than previous generations is not new age parenting or nanny-state Governmental policies. Perhaps it is something as simple as being more fully aware of oneself. That is, as modern people have more time upon their hands to reflect and become pensive we become more attuned to knowing our own bodies and namely our problems, wants, dislikes, fears, pains. That being said it evokes, a sense of rationalisation (especially amongst the youth) to believe that they are actually ‘passionate,’ or searching for meaning within their life when in reality, it is mere complacency.

Another notion often used within numerous arguments – usually as a trump card – is the validity of existence. That is- ‘How do we know that we are not severely psychologically damaged and have created this entire reality as a response to the harsh disorder?’
Using this question tends to null all manner of argument, as if we cannot prove that we exist then is it worth debating the idiosyncrasies of this reality? Conversely to this ideology however, if this reality was created then it would be a mere manner of perception. Using this logic it would also be indicative of a personal aversion to sacrifice for passion or lack of passion itself.

Western culture is projecting onto the majority of our society that it is not essential to question their beliefs, their reality so as to remain ignorant and continuing to partake in consumerism. But this is evident in any nation wherein Capitalism runs rampant amongst business. It is one of the many tools used to maximise profit at the expense of the minority, that is, anyone who does not conform to the ‘nuclear family,’ husband, wife, 2.3 children. But in order to continue producing astronomical profit consumers cannot remain intelligible in regards to their product, otherwise adequately knowing the risks involved no one would buy it. This is ingrained within Australian culture with slight moderation from the Government. Media is also guilty of this (dare I say) sin. It is the assumption that majority of audiences are not well read, thereby creating an oversimplification of complex global, political and environmental issues. This has negative implications for those that are not well informed as it means that a new belief is based on ignorance, thus it is indeed falsely held.

Additionally this notion is also ingrained into the social culture of Australia. ‘Tall poppy syndrome,’ is defined as the abuse or defamation of successful people within the culture, due to their success. Usually this is motivated by jealousy, but regardless of its motivation it is seriously detrimental the populace. As it reinforces the idea that if one being is besting you, there is no need to rise to the challenge, one merely has to defame the character of that person so as to make oneself feel less insecure. This stance is holding the entirety of humanity back from achieving what we have the capacity achieve. Look at any man made monument across history, (or ‘herstory’) the significance is that humanity created these displays of skill. The significance here is that, man made these objects, not a god, nor goddess nor any ethereal creature. These monuments were created using, blood, sweat and human bone (not literarily, but in some cases possible). The revolutionary ideas in human thought (chemistry, literature, psychology) were not placed into the mind of humanity by God they were the product of years of determined passionate work, based upon the knowledge of previous sources. This is the paradigm shift that society requires so as to project itself into a more effective, efficient, economical future.

“One day I long to see a world filled with tolerance based on information,
Where no man shall be executed regardless of the convicting nation.
To see the world filled with positive energy, joy and intellect,
Without the need for insecurities, evoking all forms of respect.
To reject hypocrisy,
Reject genocide,
Reject autocracy,
Reject bigotry,
Reject fascism,
Reject racism
Reject conservatism

To see a world where humans are treated as humans.”
Braiden Dunn.

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